Celebrating Lanarkshire

Arts & Culture

Lanarkshire has a long history of the arts with numerous music bands and actors hailing from the area, along with famous writers, artists and media personalities. Laurel, from comedy duo Laurel and Hardy has Lanarkshire connections! As does Mark Millar, the extremely well – known comic book writer famous for “Kick – Ass”. Keep an eye on our events calendar to see fantastic arts and culture events relating to Laural and Millar as well as many other writers, musicians, poets etc from Lanarkshire which will be happening throughout the duartion of our year of celebrations.

The Environment

Whether it is exploring the Lanarkshire countryside, visiting the many highly acclaimed visitor attractions, school groups working towards their eco-status or local communities making their environment more attractive, Lanarkshire’s environment encompasses a wide and varied range of activities.


Lanarkshire has a long and proud heritage. It is has two UNESCO World Heritage sites – New Lanark and the Antonine Wall. It is also home to the world’s oldest curling club at Colzium House in Kilsyth and the highest railway and golf course in Scotland – in Leadhills. 2013 is also the bicentenary of Robert Owen’s Book “A New View of Society”. New Lanark Mills has many fantastic events on during the year that should not be missed!

Business & Innovation

Lanarkshire is home to a wide variety of successful businesses from SMEs to large scale employers. Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards celebrates and promotes the success and quality of the region’s business community. 2013 will be the 21st year of the well-established and regarded awards.

Sports, Health & Wellbeing

Lanarkshire boasts a number of top quality sports facilities including Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility and the newly refurbished Dollan Aqua Centre. It is no surprise that Lanarkshire was selected as hosts of the 2011 International Children’s Games and as the location the Triathlon event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Spring into Duathlon is one of the many sports events that will be happening during our 2013 celebrations. Have a look at our sports events to see what else you can get involved in, there will be something so suit every age!

Visiting Lanarkshire

Please visit the VisitLanarkshire website for more information.

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